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The Mortgage Store makes getting a mortgage smooth, easy and very quick. We’ll sort out the house, and then you can make it a home. With thousands of different mortgage schemes available in the UK for people with varying circumstances, finding the right mortgage deal can be very time-consuming. This is why we pride ourselves on our exceptional, 5-star service in helping people find the perfect mortgage deal.

Introducing Martin

Having previously worked within busy brokerages and estate agents, I have enjoyed spending the last 14 years self-employed building my own consultancy, helping people achieve their property and insurance goals.

So, if you’re a First Time Buyer and baffled by all of your options, looking for the best remortgage deal or thinking about starting your own portfolio, I will be more than happy to assist in this ever-changing mortgage world!

I am based in Long Eaton , Nottingham. Offering face to face local appointments and Telephone and Video appointment nationally.

When I’m not at work I enjoy competing in White Water Canoe Slalom, Scouting and spending time with the family and our two dogs Bella & Bailey.

What Does A Mortgage Broker Do?

Martin Oakland introduces the branch and talks us through the role of a mortgage broker.
It’s quite a broad role, but in short, we act as a middleman between the client and the mortgage lender that we’re looking to place their business with. And there’s a whole host of things that go on in between…

A mortgage broker will look at a really big segment of the marketplace. We’ve got access to over 50 different lenders, whereas on your local high street you’re effectively stuck with whatever product that bank can offer. There’s no diversity – if you don’t quite fit what they’re looking for in a client, they will turn you away.

But a mortgage broker has always got a second, third or fourth option up their sleeve. Once we understand your situation and circumstances, we can get you to the right place.

Plus, high street branches open at 9am and close at 5pm – or even earlier in some cases. A mortgage broker is contactable most of the time. We work our appointments and calls around clients.

We offer a full recommendation system. We get to understand your situation, where various things might prompt us to look at specific lenders. Once we’ve absorbed all that information we will go away, liaise with lenders and come back with the most appropriate solution for you.

It doesn’t just stop with the products and services we offer for mortgages and protection and insurance. We’re here to guide you through the process. We’re a shoulder to lean on when things don’t quite go right.

There’s a whole host of things we can offer you. I’ve even had clients ringing up on a Sunday morning with a burst pipe. I’m not a plumber, but we know people that may be able to help – so, there’s lots of different things we can get involved with.

It’s not just on the mortgage side. We will liaise with estate agents, solicitors and valuers – anybody that’s involved in the process of buying the property.

One of the key things for First Time Buyers is they’ll be looking for some certainty that they’re actually able to have a mortgage. We offer the Agreement in Principle service which most estate agents require, as it means that the client is pre-qualified before they go for viewings.

Even once the client has moved into the property and has a mortgage running, we’re still here for regular reviews on their products. We’re here for the whole life of the mortgage on that property. And of course, people do move. We’ll get involved as needed when clients look at upsizing, downsizing, or whatever their situation may be.

The best time to seek advice is right in those early stages, when you realise that you’re going to buy a property. We’re here to look at affordability and make sure that everything fits. We’ll give you a guide price for what you can go out and buy, plus all the costs and things involved along the way.

It will all vary from client to client. Come and see us or give us a quick call as soon as you start thinking of doing something: purchasing, remortgaging or a further advance… all the different things you may want along your mortgage journey.

We unfortunately do see a lot of situations where people have rushed out and put an offer on a property, then it turns out there’s an affordability problem or an issue. It can be quite difficult because clients may have to rejig their ideas and go again at a different level.

[podcast recorded in February 2024] Yes, it is new. I’ve just recently joined forces with The Mortgage Store and we’ve been open under this banner for a few weeks. It’s a new start for me, but I’ve been in the industry for over 25 years.

I’ve worked with various brokers and estate agents so my knowledge is very in depth. I’ve dealt with most situations. I’m really looking forward to seeing where the Mortgage Store takes me in Nottingham and applying all my knowledge to all the clients that come and see me.

Not at all – we do a lot of the upfront process completely free of charge. That’s for all the initial discussions, the qualification process and recommendations. In some cases we charge a fee further down the process, when you’re applying or have your mortgage offer accepted with your lender.

But it costs nothing to talk to us. We’re quite happy to look at things for you and give you some advice as to where we think we ought to be going.




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